carol collicutt

I am a visual artist living in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

I have always been interested in process and experimenting with materials, using them in ways that keep surprising me. I use found objects in my work as well as collage, metal, photographs, marble dust on surfaces such as panel, paper, mylar and canvas. I also make sculptural installation work and assemblage. The possibilities of the combination of materials constantly keeps me engaged and immersed in my work.

This fascination with manipulating and combining different media results in my working in series. This allows me to exhaust my ideas while challenging me to stretch my creativity.

My practice includes painting, installation, and photography. It typically, but not exclusively, references deterioration, decay and the obsessions with beauty prevalent in our culture. The aspects of memory and recall figure largely in my photographic work.

Recently I have been working on large scale photographs, using as a starting point, archival family photographs enlarged and printed on mylar.